Our Team

Insta: @josh.anderson_oa

Insta: @josh.anderson_oa

Josh Anderson (Host/Producer)

Josh Anderson is the Host/Producer for Outdoorsmen Adventures. Josh has been a hunter his whole life. His dad started getting him into pheasant hunting at a young age. Eventually this evolved into him being a very passionate archery deer and turkey hunter

“ I love farming for wildlife. One of my favorite things to do is try and manage whitetail deer. I love the whole process from setting mineral, planting food plots, checking cams and setting stands. It is definitely a 365 day a year obsession.”

Insta: @mitchellsudbeck_OA

Insta: @mitchellsudbeck_OA

Mitchell Sudbeck (Co-Host)

Mitchell is the Co-Host for Outdoorsmen Adventures. Mitchell has been running through the fields chasing deer ever since he was a child. He grew up learning to rifle hunt. Recently he has developed a strong passion for Bow Hunting and was able to pull a Turkey his very first year.

Insta: @andrew_ candela _teamOA

Insta: @andrew_candela_teamOA

Andrew Candela (Marketing)

Graduate of the University of South Dakota with an Bachelors in Sports Marketing and Social Media Marketing. He grew up with a passion for both Photography and Video Editing.

“I don’t think I could dream of doing anything else, going into the outdoors with a camera and bringing our story to thousands of people. Doesn’t get much better than that for me.”

Insta: @gklein65

Insta: @gklein65

Geoff Kleinschmit

Geoff has grown up around both Archery and Rifle hunting. The past four years Geoff has been set to perfect his skills in archery and the challenges it brings with it.

“I love the challenge it brings and close encounters with the wildlife. Big Game hunting and spot and stalk is my favorite, but I try to do it all.”

Insta: @Sodakstorm605

Insta: @Sodakstorm605

Andrew Storm

Drew has been a die hard angler ever since he could walk. As a child he would bring a rod and reel with him everywhere he went with the hopes of hitting a river or small farm pond.

“The Thrill of setting a hook on a big fish never gets old! That’s my Super Bowl”


Micheal Schmitz

Micheal has been in the outdoors for as long as he can remember. His passion began when you would spend his summers fishing with with grandfather. Family is a large part of Micheal’s life and hunting has always been a way to bond with each other through family hunting trips.


“Bow Hunting is defiantly my favorite. Getting close and learning the ways and patterns of specific deer is a challenge.”